Stomp Out the Silence
Standing UP and Speaking OUT to Stomp OUT Childhood Sexual Abuse


Learning the facts about child sexual abuse is the FIRST step to PREVENTION!

Protecting children is the responsibility of EVERY adult. 

Proactive efforts to prevent child sexual abuse include:
  • Understanding the problem and familiarizing yourself with the risks
  • Minimizing the opportunity by eliminating one-on-one isolated situations involving children
  • Insist on protective policies in organizations (faith-based, educational and community) which serve children. 

It costs nothing to speak out, but remaining silent could cost a child EVERYTHING....... 

 Ways you can SPEAK-OUT include:
  • Talk openly and appropriately to the children in your family about their bodies, sex, and boundaries.
  • Ask questions when you witness inappropriate behavior. Intentions don't matter....boundaries must be enforced.
  • Confront actions which break the rules. Remember, offenders, are rarely caught in the act, but are often seen breaking the rules.
  • Report any suspected incidents to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. 

Become an advocate for the cause! Prevention is POSSIBLE!! 

  • Participating in community programs and projects.
  • Educating your family and friends by sharing your knowledge and directing them to resources such as this website.
  • Becoming a volunteer with an organization such as S.O.S. or donating to such organizations.
  • Using social media to share information and increase the awareness
  • Sharing your story 
  • Using your political voice to influence the child sexual abuse laws in your area