Stomp Out the Silence
Standing UP and Speaking OUT to Stomp OUT Childhood Sexual Abuse
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LT Pridgen
LT Pridgen is an author, advocate, philanthropist, and public speaker. She holds a B.S. degree from Park University and an MBA from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. 

Having suffered through the horrors of sexual abuse from the tender age of five until the age of thirteen, LT Pridgen has recently penned and published her first book, Treading Water: From Survivor to Warrior.   Treading Water is the compelling memoir in which she shares in vivid detail her journey from the shame and suffering of victimization to the strength and courage of a warrior

Believing that it is her life's purpose to "BE A VOICE" for those who have yet to find their voice, LT Pridgen has founded Stomp Out the Silence (S.O.S.), a non-profit organization's whose mission is to prevent childhood sexual abuse by increasing public awareness and influencing public policy & legislation through seminars, training, social media campaigns, speaking engagements, demonstrations, public presence and printed material.  The goal of the organization is to create a movement that reduces the number of child sexual abuse victims "from one less to no more".